PDFGeeker 6.5

  • Convert PDF to Word/PPT/JPG/JPG/PNG/TXT/HTML in 1-Click.
  • Retain the original content without quality loss.
  • Convert 100+ PDF files at one tim.
  • Fully compatible with the latest macOS Sonoma and Apple Silicon Mac.
  • Clean and intuitive user interface with timely prompt.
Download MacmacOS 10.9 and above
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Easily Convert PDF to Multiple Popular File Formats

PDFGeeker offers unparalleled versatility by enabling users to convert PDF files to a wide array of formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Image, HTML, and Text. This comprehensive functionality ensures that you can effortlessly transform your PDF documents into the format that best suits your needs, whether for editing, presentation, or web use.

The conversion process is designed to be seamless and efficient, maintaining the integrity and original formatting of your documents. With just a few clicks, you can unlock the full potential of your PDF files, making them easily accessible and editable across different platforms and applications.

Bulk Convert 100+ PDF Files at One Time

Designed to handle large-scale document management with ease, PDFGeeker provides the capability to bulk convert over 100 PDF files at one time. This powerful feature is perfect for users who need to process extensive collections of PDFs quickly and efficiently.

The integration of CPU and GPU hardware acceleration not only speeds up the conversion process but also ensures that the quality of the output remains uncompromised. This technology allows PDFGeeker to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, optimizing resource allocation and minimizing processing time.

Bypass Windows 11's TPM, Secure Boot and CPU
Creating USB drives that work with both UEFI and Legacy BIOS

Retain the Original Layout and Deliver High Quality Output

PDFGeeker excels in delivering high-quality output while retaining the original layout of your documents. This powerful feature ensures that every element of your PDF, from fonts and images to tables and graphics, is meticulously preserved during the conversion process. Whether you are converting to Word, PowerPoint, Image, HTML, or Text formats, you can trust that your documents will maintain their original structure and design integrity.

The advanced technology behind PDFGeeker guarantees that the converted files look just as professional and polished as the original PDFs. This attention to detail is crucial for professionals who rely on precise formatting for their reports, presentations, and other important documents. With PDFGeeker, you can enjoy the convenience of versatile file conversion without compromising on quality.

Fully Compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon Mac

Worry about the compatibility issue? PDFGeeker is fully compatible with both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. This dual compatibility means that whether you're using a Mac with an Intel processor or the latest Apple Silicon M3 chip, you can enjoy the same high-speed, efficient PDF conversion experience without any compatibility issues.

The software is optimized to take full advantage of the unique architecture of Apple Silicon and delivering enhanced performance and speed. The PDF conversions are not only reliable but also faster and more efficient, regardless of your Mac's hardware. With PDFGeeker, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible performance from your Mac.

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